SOULCALIBUR VI character creation competition

Terms and conditions of entry for

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”) shall launch "SOULCALIBUR VI character creation competition" (“The Campaign”) in the home video game “SOULCALIBUR VI” (“The Game”).
Should you wish to enter The Campaign, please read and agree to the terms and conditions.

[The Campaign overview]

  • ・In The Campaign, we select few entrants who have submitted excellent screenshots of The Game (“The Winners”) from all submitted screenshots taken according to the description below, and award The Winners.

[Campaign period]

The entry period for The Campaign is: 23:00 (JST) 26th June 2019 to 23:59 (JST) 21st July 2019.

[How to enter/how the winning screenshots are selected]

  • 1.Follow the official “SOULCALIBUR” Twitter account (@soulcalibur) operated by The Company during The Campaign period.
  • 2.Tweet a screenshot of the character created in "SOULCALIBUR VI" ("Submitted Work") with a special hashtag (# SC6_ccc).

The entry is completed by following the above procedure 1 and 2.
From the Submitted Works, the development team of The Game selects the works they deemed imaginative and original, and announces them as The Winners.

* The formats for a valid Submitted Work shall meet the following requirements
・It shall be a screenshot of one scene in The Game, and no change or alteration shall be made to its contents.
・The image size and the file type of a Submitted Work shall be pursuant to the image size and the file type that can be uploaded to a tweet in Twitter.

[About the awarding of The Winners]

  • ・The Twitter usernames of one to three entrants who submitted excellent screenshots (“The Winners”) will be credited in the end credit of “SOULCALIBUR VI” (“The Game”) as “Creation Master”.
    * The names that appear in the end credit will be the Twitter usernames at the time of sending direct messages to announce the award.
  • ・The Winners will be notified via Twitter direct message (hereinafter, such direct message is called as “Award Notification”).
  • ・Award Notifications shall not be resent under any circumstance.
  • ・If we do not receive a reply even after the deadline stated in the Award Notification, the award will be terminated.
  • ・Award Notifications will be sent in the end of July 2019 or later; provided, this may be subject to change depending on circumstances.

[Common Terms and Conditions]

The Campaign is conducted in accordance with the following terms and conditions of The Company.

※We cannot answer the individual questions related to the result of this campaign.
※Terms and conditions of campaign are subject to change without notice.